Luna Oil Organics Body Oil

I am so ecstatic to share this product with you guys! Lately I have been on a skincare kick and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. I discovered a company called Luna Oil Organics on Instagram. I started swooning over all of the lovely pictures that kept popping up on my feed and decided that I needed to try it out for myself.

Just look at it! It speaks for itself and if the packaging doesn’t draw you in ( not sure why it wouldn’t! ) then just keep reading. Luna Oil Organics is a Canadian company that specializes in creating wonderful facial and body oils that are hand crafted from 100% organic ingredients. Leave all of those pore clogging, rough smelling, ingredients behind because you won’t find them in these oils! No synthetic chemicals, frgrances or coloring agents will be found here.

The owner Maya, is also a mother of two children which made her extremely conscious of what we expose ourselves to. I found it really interestig that Luna Oil Organics listed on their website that the average woman uses over 12 cosmetic products a day which exposes them to 168 chemicals that may not always be regulated by the government. I find that fact to be crazy and it’s one of the main reasons I turned to cruelty free and vegan products.

I had the opportunity to try Fleur Eternelle which is a gorgeous body oil. It’s one of the prettiest beauty products I own if not THE prettiest. I love putting this out on display! This oil blends jasmine flowers and amaranth, making it a sweet and seductive scent. This particular bottle holds 100ml / 3.4 fl.oz. and retails for $57 Canadian dollars (~$40-45USD). Jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, globe amaranth, and essentail oils can also be found in this particular oil. All of these ingredients are so wonderful for you! The great thing about this product is that you can apply it directly to your skin or to a bath! I have applying it directly to my skin after showering and have noticed my skin texture becoming softer the more I use it. I generally apply this at night so my skin can soak it up all night long.

You may be questioning what is so great about using an oil. Well, body oils contain less ingredients than a moisturizer which means you’re staying away from emulsifiers and preservatives which are often found in all moisturizers. All oils should be applied to wet skin which is why I mentioned applying it after a bath or shower. The reason for this is the oil will absorb better into the skin wihout making it feel greasy. Oils helps rejuvinate and repair your skin by bringing life back into it and making it glow again.

Another reason to love Luna Oil Organics is the simple reason that they are also a GREEN company! The oils come in recylced glass bottles. They have a wonderful program in which you can get $5 off your next purchase by returning your empty glass at one of their distributing retail locations. If there isn’t one close to you then you can just re-use the empty bottle as a vase which is suggested on their website as well!

Luna Oil Organics offers facial and body oils for both men and women. Their website is woderful because they help pick the right oil for you skin type. I always enjoy recommendations like this! Aside from this, the website is very informative and offers tons of infromation about their ingredients and the owner. Customer service is also a plus for them!

If you’re in store for a new moisturizer, consider trying this oil out because it’s worth it in so many ways. Not only is it effective, but you’re supporting a wonderful company with an even better mission. Plus, it’s so girly and pretty! 🙂 You can find out more by visiting their website here. 


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