Detoxify with Be Natural Organics

There is nothing better than putting on a great facial mask, wearing your coziest lounge wear, and throwing on Netflix while munching on some snacks. Am I right or am I right? I just described my perfect night and I am about to tell you all about the perfrect face mask!

Be Natural Organics is an affordable and organic skincare and beauty line. They specialize in skincare, and bath and body products while also being cruelty free! I had the opportunity to test out the Detox Mud Mask and I am so glad I did!

Be Natural Organics has the best mud mask that fights large pores and acne prone skin. Ding ding! That’s totally me with my raging pregnant hormones right now. When I heard that, I was sold on this mask. My mother even tried it and loved it so I know what I am getting her for Mother’s Day which is only a few weeks away!

I’ve tried so many different facial masks because I am a skincare junkie. I want a flawless complexion and for my makeup to look just as amazing. Sometimes, I will get unlucky with a mask and feel like it did absolutley nothing to my skin. That isn’t the case with this one. The Detox Mud Mask works right away! You have to work quick with it because it begins to dry very quickly. I typically wash my face first and leave it wet before applying this mask.

The Detox Mud Mask is made from the Dead Sea and it fights against acne causing bacteria. The Dead Sea contains many natural and beneficial minerals for your skin ( calcium, magnesium, ppotassium, strontium, boron and iron). This mask works aggressively and you will see immediate results. This helped clear up my pregnancy acne and even helped balance my skintone.

The best part is that it only retails for $12! You get 1 ounce and they also sell a sample size if you aren’t sure you want to make the full commitement which retails for $4 and you get 10 ml. Please check this company out and this mask! You will love it!


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