Best Vegan Lipstick for Spring!

When I think of Spring and Summer, I think of the color coral. Beautiful pinky and peach tones! To me, it’s an obsession and I own so many different lipsticks that are all coral shades, but one sticks out the most to me.

Mineral Fusion has a beautiful lipstick in the shade Melon. Before I dive into the review, I just want to mention how obsessed I am with lip glosses and regular creamy lipsticks. I ended up selling all of my liquid lipsticks over the past few months because they were literally just sitting on my shelf and I never even wore them….haven’t even swatched over half of them either! It was a bummer to see them go because I did spend a lot on growing my collection, but I am all about de-cluttering and minimalism!

So, Mineral Fusion is an amazing brand that you can find at your local Whole Foods, otherwise you can always resort to online shopping if you are willing to pay for shipping ( I’m cheap!). I do like being able to swatch things before purchasing them so that’s why I tend to go in store first.

Mineral Fusion is an amazing brand with a large variety of vegan products to chose from. I’ve also never broken out with any of their face products so that is always a major plus. They are more on the higher end of cruelty free brands and offer everything from makeup to nail polish to hair care. Now, the lipstick range does vary and you will only find more wearable colors and nothing funky. ( I don’t mind because I mainly wear nudes and pinks ) These lipsticks retail for $18 and are totally worth every penny. The lipstick is longwearing for being a regular lipstick and super creamy. These moisturize your lips while providing color. These are packed full of great things like Vitamin C, Jojoba Oil, pomegranate and so much more!

Check out Mineral Fusion the next time you’re in Whole Foods! You won’t be disappointed.


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