Loreal Ombre Color Review

Box dye, I am sure I will hear an earful on how bad this is for your hair…but isn’t all hair dye bad? Anyways, I am in the process of growing out my hair color and you may be thinking why the heck am I dying it then? Well, I get bored a lot and a quick fix is ombre! This is where you only color the ends of your hair. It’s a change without being drastic and it doesn’t affect the entire outgrowth process. I am fully aware that Loreal is NOT cruelty free or vegan and I couldn’t find any colors similar at Whole Foods. 🙁

I wandered into Target and was looking for the Loreal Feria Ombre Hair Color but they no longer carry it. I searched Meijer and Walgreens as well and found it nowhere! I stumbled across the Colorista kit and thought it could be similar to Feria. They didn’t have a selection of colors to chose from which made me a bit nervous and wonder if this would even work.

I tried looking for reviews of this after purchasing it and couldn’t find any! I read a couple reviews on the Target website and people were not happy with this product at all. Everyone said it either didn’t work and they didn’t notice a difference or that it turned their hair orange. Even after reading all of that, I still decided to give it a try.

I made sure my hair was brushed and somewhat clean and ready to go. There are 4 steps in the box along with an amazing little brush to brush the color through your hair. I followed the instrucions and made sure to read EVERYTHING! I have colored my hair millions of times myself, but it’s always smart to make sure you thoroughly read through the instructions. Everything is super easy as long as you follow the steps.

The only thing that was off putting would be the strong smell! It is bleach so beware because it made my eyes water and was just unpleasant. I placed the color on the brush and started with the very ends of my hair. Once I colored the ends, I made sure to brush some of the color almost halfway through my hair to make it look natural. I was afraid of getting a harsh and blunt line, but it worked out well! I am totally impressed with the lilttle brush it came with!

Here is a picture of my hair! Before is on the left and after is on the right side. My hair was pretty dark to begin with! I really like how it turned out even if it is a tad warm. I did purchase a purple shampoo to help tone it a little bit. You may also want to use a hair mask after you wash and shampoo your hair because this is bleach. I always recommend using Carol’s Daughter which retails for $10 at Target! It is a miracle for your hair!

A week later and I was back in Target and this time a girl stopped me to compliment my hair! She was so excited when I told her that it was the Loreal box dye. She actually ended up getting it herself! I do feel awful using this since it isn’t cruelty free so I am on the hunt for an alternative! If you know of any then please leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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