Why I Deleted Facebook And How It’s Been Going

I deleted Facebook. I don’t mean deactivated it temporarily. I mean that it’s actually gone for good. I had my husband change my email and password to something we won’t ever remember. I won’t ever be able to log back in and I feel so relieved now that it is gone. It’s one less thing I have to keep up with!

I decided to go through with this because of the negativity it brought to my life. Here is a list of the reasons why I deleted it for good..

  1. Facebook Live – There have been more killings on Facebook live than I can count on one hand. It is sickening to see! The last one was about a little baby that was murdered and that set me off the edge. That alone was enough to make me say goodbye to Facebook.
  2. You compare yourself to others even when it’s not intentional. You subconsciously do it and you don’t even realize it sometimes. Facebook is a place to brag and that’s what you will only see, great things people may or may not even be doing. I’m not saying that I am not happy for other people, but it’s just not real or everyday life. Things happen to people and not everyday is a cup of tea, but people won’t ever admit that!
  3. Bullying – This is a big one and it’s one I have been dealing with most recently. I have had to put up with more bullies than I can even imagine. The 2017 presidential election brought out a lot of opinionated people that thought bullying was the way to go. I also discovered that motherhood brought out a lot of bullies as well! I’m sorry but unsolicisted parenting advice is so annoying and people telling me that I do nothing because I am a stay at home mom is just not right.
  4. Time Waster- Why do I care about posting a picture of my baby on Facebook? Why care about posting a selfie on there? What is the point? What do you get out of doing that? A few comments for gratification? Why not get a real compliment from your partner? Why care about what strangers or your virtual friends think about you so much? It takes away precious time that you could be using to spend elsewhere.
  5. Rude comments. This in a way goes along with bullying, but if someone doesn’t agree with your comment or picture then some people will be complete jackasses about voicing it and it creates a stress in your life.

I was worried about fully deleteing my Facebook at first because I was worried about staying in touch with some people. If someone wants to be your friend then they will find a way to be your friend. Having these “virtual” friends is not worth the annoyances I have to go through on a daily basis. People will ask for your number if they actually want to stay in touch.

My children will never have a Facebook acount or social media account while growing up. I think there is so much negativity tied to social media and it’s not healthy. Depression, eating disorders, bullying, etc are all problems that can stem from just having a Facebook or Instagram account. People hide behind computer screens and put on false lives and it’s all fake.

I have been so better off without having one! People ask me “oh did you see her post? I can’t believe what she said!” and I get to say “Nope. Don’t have Facebook” and it feels so good saying it and staying out of drama. I have been more productive and found more time in my schedule to read books and do other things. I feel less stressed and more happy that I don’t have to log on to an account and respond to people.

I think everyone should unplug and give it a try! If not then try deactivating it for at leats a week to see how it boosts your mood! You may be surprised at how you feel!




  1. 30th April 2017 / 10:47 am

    I completely agree with you. In my experience Facebook is the most negative of all social media. I don’t like Twitter much either! I now have a page for my blog but not a personal page x

    • cattynattybeauty
      30th April 2017 / 11:11 am

      It really is! I still have Twitter and I do have Instagram but I find those handy for bloggers. :/ Instagram has been going downhill slowly as well…I’m not as active on there.

  2. Yiota
    30th April 2017 / 12:42 pm

    I didn’t know that you can actually delete your account, I thought that you can only de-activate it. I use facebook less now, I don’t even care what everyone is doing and posting and I heard many people (friends) de-activating their accounts due to all that negativity. xx


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