Favorite Summer Lip Products

My favorite Summer lip products mainly consist of glosses and creamy lipsticks. I find it difficult to wear anything heavy or super drying like a liquid lipstick… not bashing them at all…just not my go to for Summer!

I know lip gloss is a love or hate relationship, but if my hair is up or out my face and it’s not windy then we have no problem. If I were to go sailing then I probably would just wear a regular lipstick because I hate getting hair stuck to my mouth.

Revlon Snow Pink Lip Gloss – I’ve had this lipgloss for a while and it’s the only Revlon one that I own. It’s extremely sheer but with a tint of sparkles and color. I have the color Snow Pink which is a pretty nude/pinky peach shade which is light and pretty for Summer.

NARS Larger Than Life in Couer Sucre – Such a pretty pink! The color looks so blod in the packaging but don’t be alarmed! The color isn’t thick like the ABH glosses and it’s very light and semi sheer.

Maybelline Color Jolt in Stripped – These are pretty new and are awesome! I love the color selection and the color Stripped is a pretty nude with brown undertones. I really like this color a lot and it’s a very pigmented gloss but it’s not sticky whatsoever! It’s probably my favorite out of the bunch.

Wet n Wild in Rose Gold – I recently wrote about this on my Wet n Wild haul. I love this metallic gloss. Very shimmery, not sticky, and light on the lips!

Maybelline in Blushing Beige – I LOVE Maybelline lipsticks so much! They offer such a wide range of colors and formulas. Blushing Beige is the perfect nude and it kind of reminds me of Creme D’nude from MAC. It’s very light and pretty and moisturizing which is great for Summer!

Those are all of my favorite that I will be wearing through out the Sunny months. What are your go to colors? Would love to hear what you guys are loving and wearing!


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  1. 1st May 2017 / 8:17 am

    I am fairly new to lip gloss as I used to imagine them all to be sticky, but I am realising that there are some great ones out there for Spring and Summer x

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